Analytics Process

All ebooks should be added to the production log, so we can generate an up to date report when asked.

1. Go to production log and click add new.

2. In a new tab or window open the scotgov publishing the future site

3. Insert job number, j isn’t needed (if you don’t have one tell the account manager you need one)

4. Copy full title of publication

5. Copy and paste the epub and mobi link from the scotgov publishing the future site (right click the links then select copy link)

6. Insert Date published using the pop up calendar (click or tab to the field).

7. Important: Select the worksheet the ebook should be added to, or none if it’s not government related.

8. If the ebook missed the report don’t submit yet (Your adding it after the automatic system emails an error log):

  1. open one password, select login on top left, scroll down(about half way) to qloudstat then login using the link above the username.
  2. Once logged in you’ll see a list of cdns, click the blue text: Dashboard for ehublibrary.
  3. Set the date: from last friday to thursday this week).
  4. Look through the list of files to find the epub and mobi that matches the link you copied from the publishing site earlier.
  5. You need to insert the number of downloads for epub and mobi into the production log form.

9. submit the form then your done.